KittyKatt's Rawrz

Welcome to my site!

Somehow, you've stumbled upon my corner of the internet. Lucky you! My name is Brett, aka KittyKatt, and this is my website. I post here about happenings in my life and all the things around me. I also host all of my scripts and most of my screenshots here, so go check 'em out! You can also check out some of my computers' specs, including the specs for the server that this site is run on! Has fun!

Be sure to also check out some of the other subdomains off of this domain, including my file server and my MPD stream page, for some of my other stuff.

System Specs

I take great pride in my work with computers, especially in my own systems. Which is why I'm showing them off here. :D

Desktop (kittykatt@mielikki)   [more]

Motherboard: GigaByte P55A-UD3
Processor: Quad-core i5 760 series clocked @ 2.80 MHz
Memory: 8GB Corsair XMS
Graphics #1: nVidia GT218 (GeForce 210 PCIe)
Graphics #2: nVidia G92 (GeForce 9600 GSO PCIe)
Audio #1: Creative Labs CA106 Soundblaster
Audio #2: Intel 5 Series3400 Series Chipset HDA
Audio #3: C-Media Electronics CMI8788 (Oxygen HD Audio)
Network: Realtek RTL8111/8168B PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Disk Space #1: 500 GB HDD (SATA) SeaGate Barracuda 7200 RPM
Disk Space #2: 1.0 TB HDD (SATA) SeaGate Barracuda 7200 RPM

Laptop (kittykatt@kelemvor)   [more]

Model: Lenovo ThinkPad T400
Processor: Dual core Intel Core2 Duo CPU P8700 (SMP)
Memory: 4GB
Graphics Card: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV620 [Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series]
Audio Card: Intel 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller
Disk Space #1: 250GB WD
Disk Space #2: 160GB Hitachi
Distribution: FreeBSD 10.0 Current (10.0-CURRENT amd64 kernel)

Server (kittykatt@silvanus)   [more]

Processor: Dual core Intel Core i3-3225 CPU (-HT-MCP-)
Memory: 6GB
Network: Realtek RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller
Disk Space #1: 500GB Hitachi
Distribution: Debian Wheezy (3.2.0-4-amd64 x86_64)

Retired Machines

  • Server (kittykatt@lloth)   [more]
  • Laptop (kittykatt@mystra)   [more]