KittyKatt's Rawrz

Welcome to my site!

Somehow, you've stumbled upon my corner of the internet. Lucky you! My name is Brett, aka KittyKatt, and this is my website. I post here about happenings in my life and all the things around me. I also host all of my scripts and most of my screenshots here, so go check 'em out! You can also check out some of my computers' specs, including the specs for the server that this site is run on! Has fun!

Be sure to also check out some of the other subdomains off of this domain, including my file server and my MPD stream page, for some of my other stuff.

Contact Me

There are various ways you can contact me. I've listed pretty much all of the good ones here.


If I'm online at all, I'll be on IRC. 99% of the time.

IRC Nick(s): KittyKatt, Umbreon, KittyLocal, AnonymousLink, omnoms, `Kitty`
Channel(s): SilverIRC: #randomz, #me0wz, #silverirc
SpotChat: #linuxmint-help, #linuxmint-debian, #linuxmint-chat, #pimpmymint
Freenode: #archlinux, #archlinux-offtopic, #pekwm, #mpd, #warzone2100, #warzone2100-dev #zsh, #bash, #supybot, #lighttpd
ParadoxIRC: #zelda, #Socius-Dev
OFTC: #smxi, #linux-smokers-club


Sending me an email is the next best way to get my attention.

E-Mail Address:

IM Contacts

I'm not always on my instant messenger, but if I'm on, you'll find me with these contacts.

AIM: an0nym0uslink
Skype: anonymouslink