KittyKatt's Rawrz

Welcome to my site!

Somehow, you've stumbled upon my corner of the internet. Lucky you! My name is Brett, aka KittyKatt, and this is my website. I post here about happenings in my life and all the things around me. I also host all of my scripts and most of my screenshots here, so go check 'em out! You can also check out some of my computers' specs, including the specs for the server that this site is run on! Has fun!

Be sure to also check out some of the other subdomains off of this domain, including my file server and my MPD stream page, for some of my other stuff.

About This Site

This site is my personal interwebs playground. I host all of my work here, be it scripts, graphics, photography, application resources, stock images, etc.

About Me

I'm a male college student majoring in Computer Sciences at St. Louis Community College - Meremac. I was a student at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, for a semester, but that didn't pan out, so I'm back home at community college.

On the side, I do graphics and script a little bit in python, bash, perl, and especially in conky. I also dabble in web design, as you can see by this site. I'm constantly trying to learn new CSS tricks and new web design tricks. What I'm most interested in concerning web design is learning some useful PHP functions to make things snappy and give me capabilites that I didn't have before.

As well as hosting this site on my own server, I also host an IRC server connected to the SilverIRC network. There are three SilverIRC servers, and we are a very tightly-knit group. If you'd hop on over to their page, which can be found in the links, you'll see yet another site that I designed and coded completely from scratch. :D Below, I've provided a list of facts that ought to make it a little easier to get to know me. ^-^

My Info

Real Name: Brett
Alias(es): KittyKatt, AnonymousLink
Birthday: February 19, 1991
Location: Missouri, USA

Occupation: Student, Computer Tech, and Graphic/Web Design
Major: Computer Sciences/Engineering
Schooling: Missouri State University, St. Louis Community College - Meremac

OS of Choice: Linux
Flavor(s) of Linux: Arch Linux, Linux Mint (Main|XFCE), X-Ubuntu
Scripting Languages: PHP, Python, Bash, Perl (kind of), C

IRC Nick(s): KittyKatt, KittyLocal, omnoms, `Kitty`, Umbreon
AIM Name(s): firedstars, an0nym0uslink, tehrawrzkitteh
MSN Name(s):
Yahoo Name(s):
Skype Name(s): anonymouslink