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Somehow, you've stumbled upon my corner of the internet. Lucky you! My name is Brett, aka KittyKatt, and this is my website. I post here about happenings in my life and all the things around me. I also host all of my scripts and most of my screenshots here, so go check 'em out! You can also check out some of my computers' specs, including the specs for the server that this site is run on! Has fun!

Be sure to also check out some of the other subdomains off of this domain, including my file server and my MPD stream page, for some of my other stuff.

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screenFetch and the Holidays

07:01 12/25/20111 Comments

So, it's the holidays! And I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday by updating screenFetch to version 2.3.7 with several changes that were requested, including fixed detection for openSUSE (given to my by a user named sampppa) and by adding detection for a new distribution that I had never heard of called Mageia (this was requested by a user by the name of Matteo, who even provided his own ASCII art that screenFetch is now using for the distribution. It's quite well done, I must say.). You can check up on them by clicking here. Also, click read more for a special picture just for you guys! :D

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The HumbleBundle! Have You Gotten It?

21:34 11/2/2011134 Comments

The HumbleBundle! It's a group of indie game developers I know a lot of people don't know about this, but there's these indie game developers that offer up several small PC games in a bundle. And you get to name your own price! I've been following these games for quite a while and have been very pleased with the what I paid for the games. You should check it out!

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screenFetch v2.3.5

03:38 06/3/2011976 Comments

I got working on screenFetch again tonight and added a couple of new things, most important of which was to support Frugalware detection (untested as of yet!) in screenFetch and added their own ASCII logo to the script to output when it detects Frugalware running. And these last few commits were actually ALL made by me! Yay! Back on track to running this project again. :D

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Webcomic Madness!

09:35 05/13/20111 Comments

Webcomics! If you know me well at all, you'll know I'm addicted to reading them. I follow the movements of a multitude of comics DAILY, though there are a couple of comics that I love above the rest. I thought I'd post this to share these select few that I've chosen to be above the rest.

XKCD - Clickie!
Questionable Content - Clickie!
Least I Could Do - Clickie!
Girls With Slingshots - Clickie!
Nerf This! - Clickie!

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